Deep Sea Fishing

31pgawEden Yacht Charters Luxury private yacht is fully equipped for deep sea fishing. We run Penn International reels and Shakespeare rods on board “Aquata”. Our local captains who have spent years fishing the waters of Turks and Caicos Islands will endeavor to take you to the very best locations to get “Fish On”.

In most locations around the world, guests have to travel aboard their charter vessel for several miles and in most cases one hour or more to reach big game fish territory. In essence this is time wasted! Turks and Caicos Islands are fortunate to be located just minutes from the impressive Caicos Passage, a deep ocean trench that drops into the abyss 6000 feet and beyond. These deep waters host an array of big game fish throughout the year.


The Fish:

Yellow Fin Tuna
The Yellow Fin Tuna is found year round although most frequently during November through April. The Yellow Fin Tuna is a prized fight for the angler known for its strength, speed and agility. This prized big game fish has reportedly reached in excess of 400lbs.

The sailfish is most frequently found in Turks and Caicos waters from November through April. Characteristic of this fish are the sail like dorsal fin which runs the length of its spine, and coloration blue through grey. The Sailfish has a long bill much like a Marlin or Swordfish. The Sailfish is reported to be the fastest fish in the ocean reaching speeds of approximately 70mph. The Sailfish is a favorite fighting fish for avid angles. The largest reported catch in Atlantic waters is 141 lbs

Wahoo are most frequent in Turks and Caicos waters from November through April, although they have been caught during the other months also. This dark blue/grey fish of the mackerel family is a prized big game fish. Found commonly throughout the world in tropical and subtropical waters. Reported records show catches in excess of 100lbs

Blue Marlin
Blue Marlins “The Big King” of game fish have been caught in the waters off Turks and Caicos Islands year round although they are most frequent during May through September. This spectacular ocean going game fish is quite common in season and records report catches in excess of 1000 lbs. A variety of sizes have been caught in our local fishing grounds and during November through April its smaller and lighter but equally spectacular cousin the White Marlin is regularly hooked.

Mahi Mahi (Dorado/Dolphin Fish)
Mahi Mahi is found year round in Turks and Caicos Islands, but most frequently in the summer months. This spectacular game fish is one of the most beautiful. Characteristics include bright colors down the sides of the fish, blues and greens with often bright gold markings. A large hump like head and slender body make this stunning ocean dweller unmistakable. The Mahi Mahi is often referred to as a Dorado or a Dolphin Fish, a fast game fish which reportedly can reach speeds in excess of 50 mph. Common landed weights for Mahi Mahi are in the 15-28 lbs range.